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Flourish:Abundance – Week 3

Restore Restore. It means to bring back or reinstate something from wrong to right. To rehabilitate, reestablish, or rebuild. Recall from Week 2 when we discussed the meaning of that little prefix, "re-". The word restore holds that same connotation
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Flourish:Abundance – Week 2

Respond Respond. Ultimately, it is impossible to respond to something that you are not aware of. Responding requires listening. The word response comes from the Latin, responsum meaning "something offered in return." In English, it is used similarly and indicates
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Flourish:Abundance – Week 1

Remember Abundance. All too often we hear the word and immediately equate it with more. We believe that if we are living in abundance we have all the things, all the friends, and all the feels of a life "full
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Love Your One Project – Day 21

Today’s declaration is a simple one. It is powerful, bold, and courageous.  Declaration of Hope Jesus, we will be a people who trust You. Today's Scripture He will cover you with His wings. And under His wings you will be
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Love Your One Project – Day 20

Wow! We can’t believe how fast time has flown by. We are so eager to see all of you again. Our prayer is that this month would continue to be one of restoration, healing, and victory for our world! Declaration