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Church on Demand

Anytime. Anywhere.

Join us for Connect!

Connect has been specifically designed to help you explore East Coast, discover your purpose, and connect in community. Our hope for you is that you would find a place to call home at East Coast. We want you to ask questions, learn and develop in your spiritual journey, and meet people who will become lifelong friends.

1.0 - Explore

Explore East Coast by learning about our leaders and core values. Connect Explore is available online or in-person. We can't wait to see you there!


2.0 - Discover

Discover what makes you who you are. God gave you a unique combination of personality, gifts, and strengths. The better you know yourself, the easier it is to understand how you can best love God and other people and get involved in areas that will bring you life.


3.0 - Community

Finding your place within your community is vital! The goal is that you would not only get to know us but that we would also get to know you. Because connecting and communicating with other believers and church leadership is a key part of making a church a home, we want to meet you! Now is the right time.