Cross The Chicken Line

Key verse

You make known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence, with eternal pleasures at Your right hand. PSALM 16:11

Shortly after I entered the workforce, the Lord began impressing on my heart the importance of telling my patients and coworkers about Jesus—not in a weird, mystical way, but in a real-life, Jesus-is-my-friend kind of way. The first few times I stepped out, I was scared. Scared of rejection. Scared of missing God. Scared of failing and falling flat on my face. I had concerns that the person I was reaching out to might get angry, or worse yet, reject me. And... well... I wanted none of those things. What I did want, however, was to find my purpose and to discover the joy Jesus talked about in the Word.

Can you relate?

When I stepped out of my comfort zone, I found the joy I longed for.

When I stepped out of my comfort zone, I found the joy I longed for. To my surprise, it was first unearthed in bringing Jesus into my workplace. Talking to the people I did life with gave me the boldness to share Jesus in Bible studies, in Freedom and Marriage Groups, and as a prayer counselor at church. Saying “yes” to these opportunities opened the door for me to become a marriage mentor and to help put on the past two Marriage Conferences here at East Coast.

What joy I have found in serving others. Each step has led to greater fulfillment and deeper discovery of purpose.

It will surely be this way for you too.

Discovering your purpose is often found in the uncomfortable, take-a-risk, cross-the-chicken-line-and-do-something-scary kind of ways. It could very well begin while attending a Bible study with a bunch of people you’ve never met or when you say “yes” to serving on a team you feel less than qualified for. Your purpose may be found while leading a group of men in a game of golf that ends with fellowship in the Word. It may look like rocking a brand new baby in the nursery for a worn out mama. Finding joy in Jesus may look like a friendly face that opens the door to a first time church attendee or a smiling face that no one sees behind a sound system or camera.

Wherever you are today, I encourage you to get involved. Say “yes” to something you have been wanting to do. Cross the chicken line and lead a group. Let loose and serve on a team. Some of life’s richest treasures and greatest pleasures start with a servant’s heart and simple (and even sometimes fear-filled) “yes.”


Lord, open my eyes to the opportunities You have placed before me to serve those around me. Give me courage to step out and do something new with You. You have all of the best ideas, and I believe Your goodness is wrapped up in my steps of faith and trust that You are calling me into. I want to walk with You wherever you lead. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Ask Yourself:

1. What is something that you would do if it guaranteed it would change (for the better) the life of someone you love?

2. If you knew you would make a friend, what area would you choose to serve in?

3. What “chicken line” is the Holy Spirit asking you to cross?

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