We Are Building a Life-Giving Church That Lasts.

We would love for you to join us at one of our locations this weekend. Check out this video to find out what to expect when you arrive!

Our Vision


Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love God. We desire to first minister to the heart of God and build His house to be a safe place for others to come and worship Him.


Life in Christ compels us to prioritize those around us. We are on a mission to look for every opportunity to reach into the lives of others and demonstrate the love of God.


God came to give us full lives, not just in eternity, but also here and now. When we shine our light of faith, joy, love, and grace as beacons of hope to the world, our lives become an irresistible display of the gospel that calls others to Christ.

Our Values

Welcome Home - You belong to this church before you believe or "behave." This is the message of grace.

One Step - Everyone can grow, but each person has one step that God has for them to take next. You take them one step at a time; you don’t have to do it all in one day.

One Soul - Be the one to reach the one and bring them to Christ.

Generous Hearts - We give and add value, especially when it’s difficult because God blesses us to be a blessing.

Church is a Gathering - We gather as friends and family, not a crowd of strangers. When church feels too big, we join in small groups to keep the relationship real.

Dream Team - We serve whenever and however is needed, releasing the dream of God in each person's heart.

When you walk out these values, we believe your love for life will grow to a place beyond what you could imagine.