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Monuments & Moments – Day 3 – Feeding the Masses

Visiting the Mount of Beatitudes We visited the Mount of the Beatitudes, and this is the place where the feeding of the 5,000 happened and where Jesus preached His longest recorded sermon. There is a beautiful church sitting on top
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Monuments & Moments – Day 2 – Hometown Blues

Exploring Our New Surroundings We visited The Church of Annunciation in Nazareth, Israel and a re-creation of Nazareth Village just outside of the church. The Church of Annunciation is a place that commemorates the Virgin Mary’s visitation by the angel
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Monuments & Moments – Day 1 – The Journey

Ready for takeoff! We have left the western world we are so used to. Gone are the familiar faces, clothing, smells, and foods of home, as we enter Israel. Israel is so different. Standing in one spot, you have the