Use Well, Receive Well

Key Verses:

"To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away."

Matthew 25:29 (NLT)


In this passage, we see the lives of four people, a master and his three servants, in whom he entrusts his assets while away on a trip. The first servant received 5 portions, the second received 2 portions, and the third received just 1 portion. When the master returned, he called the servants back, finding the first two servants had doubled his money, while the third servant hid his away, not gaining anything. Because of their wise decisions and faithfulness, the first two were rewarded greatly. The last servant was punished for his laziness and poor management of the assets.

The first two servants showed themselves to be stewards of what was put in their hands. According to, the definition of stewardship is “the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving.” They both saw that the master’s possessions were worth caring for and preserving so much that they doubled them. This is how we must view everything entrusted to us. If it is our money, realize it is God’s possession, and handle it with wisdom and care. If it is our talents or gifts, know we can use them for worship to the Lord. If it is relationships in our lives, treat them like gems, care and nurture them.

Sometimes it is tempting to see others flourish and compare our lives to theirs. Just like the servants and their talents, we see someone receive more, receive a breakthrough, or get promoted. Matthew 25:15 states that the assets were divided between the servants depending on their personal abilities. It is important to remember that we all have different abilities, gifts, and callings that each plays a particular function. It’s like a ring on a finger. The finger gets to wear the ring while the eyes get to look at the ring. The eye should not envy the finger, because if it were to try wearing the ring, it could

not do its job, which is to see. This can be an image of our lives and those around us; if we are focused on the gifts people around us receive, we will not be able to focus on our own purpose.

Reading further, I wonder about the difference in relationship each servant could have with the master. The master may know them very well, which is how he knew how much to give to each individual. But it seems that the major difference between the three is that the last servant may have known of the master; he knew what he did and how he did it. Yet, the first two knew the master; who he was. What is your relationship with the Father like? Do you know of Him, what He does? Or do you know Him, who He is? When you discover who Jesus is and that He loves you and cares for you, your life will forever be different because you know the One who carefully made you with a plan and a purpose. Jesus is the One who makes all your work and responsibilities matter in the big picture of what God has planned for this world. All that we do is now based on a beautiful relationship with God’s One and only Son, who died on the cross to unite us with God our Father.


Father, thank You for all that You have entrusted me with. You have been so generous and I never want to take advantage or take for granted what was bestowed to me. Lord, thank You for the strength and wisdom to use my gifts and talents the way You have designed. Father, help me focus on my own gifts and not compare them to others around me, instead celebrating with them and their success. Help me know You better Lord. I don’t just want to know of You, but to know who You are. Thank You for new revelation of Your love and care for me.

In the mighty name of Christ Jesus, Amen


Do I know of Him, what He does? Or do I know Him, who He is?

Do I work out of duty or the joy of knowing who God is?

Am I comparing my gifts and accomplishments with those around me instead of focusing on what God has for me?

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