Love Your One Project – Day 13

Hey, Church! Our team has had this song from East Coast Worship on repeat for over a week now. Check it out and be encouraged knowing God is with you at all times! 

Declaration of Hope

We will be a people who worship God always.

Today's Scripture

Our Lord and our God, it is right for You to have the shining-greatness and the honor and the power. You made all things. They were made and have life because You wanted it that way. Revelation 4:11

How can you serve your Neighbor today?

Invite your neighbors over for a meal or bring one to them! Take the opportunity to prepare a simple meal that opens the door to life-giving conversation with them. There are countless stories on the news that are striking fear in millions of people, but you can make the difference in someone’s life by sharing your hope in God with them.

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