Love Your One Project – Day 12

Hey, Church! Let’s do a check-in! Take a few minutes to evaluate how you’re feeling and what you can do to stay healthy. Here are a few things you can ask yourself:
    1. Am I feeling stressed or anxious?
    2. Have I prayed for my emotional health and asked God to give me strength?
    3. Am I drinking enough water?
    4. Am I taking in life-giving information more than fear-inducing news?
    5. Who am I being open with about my thoughts, fears, and questions during this time?
    Declaration of Hope

    We will always live unshaken knowing our God is and will always be in the center of our circumstances.

    Today's Scripture

    The Lord is good, a safe place in times of trouble. And He knows those who come to Him to be safe. Nahum 1:7

    How can you serve your Neighbor today?

    Take time today to check in with the mental and emotional state of your neighbors. Ask any of the questions above that you feel comfortable asking and be ready to pray with them. Here is a simple prayer over anxiety for you or them: Lord, You know my heart and my thoughts. I pray You bring rest to my anxious mind and peace to my heart. You are the provider, and I trust You to take care of me and my family.

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