East Coast Worship is a diverse community of believers who love to worship God with fervent passion coupled with humble reverence. We have been gifted with a vibrant family of anointed worshippers who stand on the front lines and lead us in offering our praises and adoring our Father as we join in one voice to make His praise glorious. (Psalm 66:2)


Chris Johnson
Worship Pastor

At the young age of 17, Chris Johnson began serving in the youth worship band. Pastor Dan Stallbaum quickly recognized a unique anointing for worship on his life. He spent many years cultivating his gifts while serving the worship ministry. In 2004 he received his Bachelor’s of Arts in Theology from Life Christian University, became an ordained pastor, and formally took leadership of East Coast’s Worship Ministry. He currently serves on the Pastoral staff, mentors and oversees the campus and generational ministry worship leaders as well as Morning Breath, writes music, and is a part-time instructor at ECCU.


Campus Worship Leaders

Amanda Walker
Mezzanine & Avenue

Rhesa Walls

Amy O’Brien

That Heaven may COME // That we may BECOME // That others may WORSHIP

how to join the worship team

First thing you need to do is have attended connect class or plan to do so in the future

1. Connect Class Schedule

Next you need to fill out the application form, read the manual, print and sign your name, and return the commitment form.

2. Read Worship Manual
3. Fill Out Worship Team Application
4. fill out the worship team commitment form

Next Record a video audition, using the included guidelines

5. Video Application Guidelines
Audition Songs to Choose from

Upload Video Here or subimit it to your Worship Leader


*Those with passing video auditions will first do a live shadow audition then a live service audition*