Small Group Catalog

Activity Groups
Leaders: Darryl Stearns and Pamela Vandenburg
Location: ECCC Merritt Island Parking Lot
Date/Time: 2nd Saturdays, meet at 9:30 am, depart at 10 am
Phone: (407) 376-4939
Are you into Motorcycles? Do you have a bike and love to ride? Then come join us and enjoy fellowship and lunch! Evangelism is also a primary goal while outside the church on fellowship rides or service events. *Please bring your own motorcycle, as they are not provided.
Leaders: Chris Johnson
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: Tuesday, once a month at 6 pm
Phone: (321) 452-1060
This is a group made up of our faithful worship team. We join together to sharpen our skills through worshipping God. We have a great and powerful time of heartfelt worship and praying together. This group is open to members of the worship team, and childcare is provided.
Leaders: Andrea Thomason
Location: Various Parks
Date/Time: TBD
Phone: (781) 568-9654
Are you a mom with small kids? This group is all about moms getting together in local parks to encourage each other and let our kids play together!
Leaders: Theresa Miles
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: Thursdays at 6:30 pm
Phone: (321) 453-7633
Expressions is about loving God through dance, drama, silk flags, and tambourines. This group will do so many of these wonderfully artistic things to give God glory for everything He has done for us. The group is for everyone over the age of 12 who has a heart to worship God with everything they are!
Leaders: Christian and AnnMarie Hurston
Location: Viera
Date/Time: 2nd Sunday at 12 noon
Phone: (321) 794-5121
Fun for the whole family, geared towards families with kids in elementary school. Join us for fun outings like beach picnics, glow golf, and more!
Leaders: Sandra Burle
Location: TBD
Date/Time: Weekly During Planning Period
Phone: (321) 591-2802
A group to provide previously owned clothing to children in need by working through local elementary schools!
Leaders: Cathy Larson
3rd wednesday of the month at 7pm
(407) 431-7604
A group to welcome people and see us carry our relationship building into the service before praise music begins.
Leaders: Terry Salber & Bill Sapp
Location: 16th street south, Cocoa beach
Date/Time: 1st Saturday of every month
Phone: (321) 591-7827
A place to be a bridge from the beach to the church!
Leaders: Carlia Alderman
Location: Orlando
Date/Time: TBD
Phone: (321) 759- 6885
A time to pour out our love, time, and cooking skills for the residents of our local Ronald McDonald Houses. These houses are filled with the families of sick children staying at the neighboring children’s hospitals. Private rooms, toiletries. and 2 daily meals are all provided at no cost, so these families can focus on the health of their children. RMH depends entirely on community support to provide meals for their residents, so let’s join together to bless these families in their time of need! our goal will be to travel to one RMH each month, preparing one large lunch or dinner for all the current residents. Additional opportunities to bless these local RMH’s and children hospitals are sure to follow!
Leaders:  Jill Cutts
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: Weekly, 6:30-8:30
Phone: (321) 759-8323
A group to fellowship and create “little dresses” for our missionaries to bless the community with.
Teaching and Discussion Groups
Leaders: Steve and Beck Hoyle
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: 2nd Wednesday at 7 pm
Phone: (410) 917-9995
This group focuses on fellowship, worship, and prayer to seek the deeper things of God!
Leaders: Bob Munsey
Location: Port St John
Date/Time: Thursdays at 7 pm
Phone: (321) 636-3958
This is a close-knit group that explores the Judeo-Christian influence on history through a set of subjects. Studies that may be explored include books by David Barton, Rick Green, and Focus on the Family. This is a limited group with a long-term commitment.
Leaders: Charlie and Alease Hinton with Dorothy Follett
Location: 820 Australlian st.
Date/Time: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 6:30 pm
Phone: (321) 455-9733
This is an awesome Bible study and prayer group that focuses on family issues.
Leaders: Eddie Spencer
Location: Cocoa Beach
Date/Time: 2nd & 4th Fridays at 7 pm
Phone: (706) 531-6713
This study group focuses on being free in Christ. You will learn what being a Christian is all about, and how to have a life where you grow in grace. We are currently studying from Andrew Wommack study guides.
Leaders: Tim Thomason
Location: 790 Mullet rd
Date/Time: Tuesday at 6:30pm
Phone: (321) 866-6836
A Bible study that looks into the root of God’s Word. Taking a look at the Hebrew origin of the Bible.
Leaders: Patricia Marlett
Location: Cocoa
Date/Time: Thursdays at 6 pm
Phone: (321) 631-4773
This study group focuses on the Kingdom of Heaven, the Trinity of God as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Learn how to live in the grace and authority given in Christ and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Study material is provided.
Leaders: Marie DeFile
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: Sundays at 8:30 am
Phone: (321) 537-4710
The heartbeat of this group is lifting up the campuses and services of East Coast every Sunday morning. We meet in the Multipurpose room of the Children’s Ministry building to intercede by reaching in (to the body), reaching up (to the Lord in worship), and reaching out (community).
Leaders: Russ and Jeanna Wood
Location: Rockledge
Date/Time: 2nd Tuesday at 7 pm
Phone: (321) 961-7685
Engage with other newlywed couples as we explore topics surrounding the challenges and joys of life as a newlywed. In this group, we learn tools to help establish a solid foundation for your marriage while building a stronger connection with your spouse!
Leaders: Patty Wilson & Lisa Hassan
Location: 1177 Sorangetyway Rockledge
Date/Time: Mondays at 7 pm
Phone: (321) 537-2805
This group is to help equip women to fight the good fight of faith. This is also a great follow up for those who have gone through the Freedom Group and retreat to maintain their freedom.
Leaders: Viron Payne
Location: Restaurants around the area
Date/Time: 2nd and 4th thursdays at 6:30
Phone: (321) 446-6438
A place to prepare men as gatekeepers in their homes and community through fellowship over God’s word. Proberbs 27:7, 1 Corinthians 16:14!
Leaders: Shana Darby
Location: 4684 Alon Shepard Ave
Date/Time: Every Thursday
Phone: (321)213-7772
A place to create a safe environment for women to speak openly about relationships and to build a community of women who trust and love each other.
Leaders:  Patrick and Susan Baden
Location: 244 NE 1st Court
Date/Time: Friday at 6:30pm every 3 weeks
Phone: (321) 795-6445
Our vision is to bring group members a more intimate time of fellowship. We hope to form deeper relationships with group members for the building up and strengthening of the body of Christ. We desire to do life with other believers on a day to day basis and to see all members encouraged, edified, and built up through these relationships.
Leaders: Elizabeth Taylor
Location: TBD
Date/Time: TBD
Phone: (321) 795-3820

Connecting with others who currently have cancer, are surviviors of cancer, or who are care takers for someone with cancer. To instill hope and God’s promise while going through treatments and the post-treatment follow-up.

Leaders: Leslie Page
Location: Rockledge
Date/Time: Wednesday at 7 pm
Phone: (321) 961- 1488
A group to study the book, “Living from the Unseen,” by Wendy Backlund. It’ll be a bible study and learning to live the resurrected life style. The book can be purchased on Amazon.

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Leaders: Tim & Sherrol O’Brien
Location: Cocoa
Date/Time: Teusdays @ 6:30 pm
Phone: (321) 848-4959
A group to help others discover how to release the creative power of gods word. we will be discussing the book, “The Tongue A Creative Force.”

Purchase your book here

Leaders: Jill Cutts
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: TBD
Phone: (321) 759-8323
A group to help people seeking freedom from a variety of addictions or co-dependencies. The group will be based off of a book called, “Celebrate Recovery.”
Leaders: Paul Evans
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: 2nd & 4th Sunday @ 6 pm
Phone: (321) 313-2015
A group to reach lost neighbors for Christ, discipleship to strengthen believers and challenge them to live for Christ, and to love god and love others!
Leaders: Dean and Hayley Baran
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 7 pm
Phone: (321) 735-4894
This is a group where we focus on connecting with friends and family while digging deeper into the Word.
Age Specific Groups
Leaders: Anthony Hickman
Location: Rockledge
Date/Time: Every Other Friday at 6:30 pm
Phone: (321) 636-1566
This is an exciting and active Bible study for middle school students. It will encourage and teach students how to walk by faith in a fun way. The heartbeat of this group is raising up youth for Christ!
Leaders: Paige Klink
Location: Cocoa
Date/Time: Every other Monday at 7 pm
Phone: (321) 362-8544
College & Career age: We are going to open the night with Mac-n-Cheese then center the rest of the night around worship and prayer.
Leaders: Allyson Goolsby
Location: TBD
Date/Time: Tuesday nights at 7!
Phone: (321) 305-2767
College & Career age: Where we worship and dive into the Word together
Leaders: Jeremiah Anderson and Cory Snyder
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: Wednesdays at 5:30
Phone: (321) 508-0822
College & Career age: A men’s-only bible study and discipleship group.
Leaders: Hope Hoskins and Cookie Lafler
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: 2nd and 4th Thursday at 10:30 am
Phone: (321) 863-7547

This is for age 65+ ladies to come together and focus on God’s goodness and faithfulness. Come share a laugh, share a tear, and make a new friend.

Leaders: Christian & AnnMarie Hurston
Location: Rockledge
Date/Time: Sundays @ 6 pm
Phone: (321) 794-5121
Viera Teens is designed to be a place where students feel welcomed and are encouraged to live for something bigger than themselves. It is open to any middle school or high school student.
Leaders: Sarah Hollis and Taylar Kemp
Merritt Island Campus 
Tuesdays at 7pm
 (321) 360-9687
Our group will be for high school students and we will go through the series Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson together
Leaders: Ashleigh Page
Location: Cocoa
Date/Time: Tuesdays @ 7 pm
Phone: (321) 208-2945
College & Career age: We will be having a time of worship, bible study and discussion, followed by a game.