Small Group Catalog

Activity Groups
Leaders: Darryl Stearns and Pamela Vandenburg
Location: ECCC Merritt Island Parking Lot
Date/Time: 2nd Saturdays, meet at 9:30 am, depart at 10 am
Phone: (407) 376-4939
Are you into Motorcycles? Do you have a bike and love to ride? Then come join us and enjoy fellowship and lunch! Evangelism is also a primary goal while outside the church on fellowship rides or service events. *Please bring your own motorcycle, as they are not provided.
Leaders: Chris Johnson
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: Tuesday, once a month at 6 pm
Phone: (321) 452-1060
This is a group made up of our faithful worship team. We join together to sharpen our skills through worshipping God. We have a great and powerful time of heartfelt worship and praying together. This group is open to members of the worship team, and childcare is provided.
Leaders: Sandra Burle
Location: TBD
Date/Time: Weekly
Phone: (321) 591-2802
This group will provide gently-used clothing to children in need by partnering with local elementary schools.
Leaders: Carlia Alderman
Location: Ronald McDonald House, Orlando
Date/Time: Once a month (TBD)
Phone: (321) 759- 6885
This is a time to pour out our love, time, and cooking skills for the residents of our local Ronald McDonald House. We will travel to one of three Orlando RMH locations each month, preparing one large dinner for all the current residents. These houses are filled with the families of sick children staying at neighboring  children’s hospitals. RMH depends entirely on community support to provide meals for their residents, so lets join together to bless these families in their time of need.
Leaders:  Jill Cutts
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: Weekly, Time TBD
Phone: (321) 759-8323
Enjoy fun and fellowship while making” little dresses” from pillowcases for needy young girls.
Leaders:  Francis Miller
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: 2nd & 4th Saturdays, Time TBD
Phone: (321) 243-8534
Email: frå
Join us for a night of relaxation and laughter while playing board games.
Leaders: Ash Ketchum
Location: Cocoa Village
Date/Time: Every other week
Phone: (321) 960-3050
All skill levels are welcome
Leaders:  David Gammon
Location: Throughout Brevard
Date/Time: TBD
Phone: (321) 960-3050
Teams will serve the community to help those in need by removing hurricane debris and making minor repairs to damaged areas.
Teaching and Discussion Groups
Leaders: Steve & Becky Hoyle
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: 2nd Tuesdays @ 7 pm
Phone: (410) 917-9995
This group focuses on fellowship, worship, and prayer to seek the deeper things of God!
Leaders: Bob Munsey
Location: Port St John
Date/Time: Thursdays at 7 pm
Phone: (321) 636-3958
This group explores the Judeo-Christian influence on history through a set of subjects. Studies that may be explored include books by David Barton, Rick Green, and Focus on the Family.
Leaders: Charlie and Alease Hinton with Dorothy Follett
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 6:30 pm
Phone: (321) 455-9733
This is an awesome Bible study and prayer group that focuses on family issues.
Leaders: Patricia Marlett
Location: Cocoa
Date/Time: Thursdays at 6 pm
Phone: (321) 631-4773
This study group focuses on the Kingdom of Heaven, the Trinity of God as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Learn how to live in the grace and authority given in Christ and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Study material is provided.
Leaders: Roberta Hilton
Location: ECCC Children’s Minsitry Building
Date/Time: Sundays at 8:30 am
Phone: (585) 355-1800
The heartbeat of this group is lifting up the campuses and services of East Coast every Sunday morning. We meet in the multipurpose room of the Children’s Ministry building to intercede by reaching in (to the body), reaching up (to the Lord in worship), and reaching out (to the community). Childcare will be provided by ECCC Children’s Ministry during the 8:30 am service.
Leaders: Russ and Jeanna Wood
Location: Rockledge
Date/Time: 2nd Tuesday at 7 pm
Phone: (321) 961-7685
Engage with other newlywed couples as we explore topics surrounding the challenges and joys of life as a newlywed. In this group, we learn tools to help establish a solid foundation for your marriage while building a stronger connection with your spouse!
Leaders: Patty Wilson
Location: Rockledge
Date/Time: Mondays at 7 pm
Phone: (321) 537-2805
This group is to help equip women to fight the good fight of faith. This is also a great follow up for ladies who have gone through the Freedom Group and retreat to maintain their freedom.
Leaders: Viron Payne
Location: TBD
Date/Time: 2nd & 4th Thursdays @ 6:30 pm
Phone: (321) 446-6418
This is a place to prepare men as gatekeepers in their homes and community through fellowship over God’s Word.
Leaders: Jill Cutts
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm
Phone: (321) 759-8323
This group deals with life’s hurts, hang-ups and habits with a focus on women dealing with addiction.
Leaders: Paul Evans
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: Thursdays @ 7 pm
Phone: (321) 313-2015
This is a group that aims to reach lost neighbors through Christ, to disciple and strengthen believers and challenge them to live for Christ, love God and love others.
Leaders: Bob Munsey
Location: ECCC Cocoa
Date/Time: Tuesdays @ 7 pm
Phone: (321) 636-3958
This six-week study is designed to help people escape the slavery of debt and be able to be the people God put them on the earth to be. Study guides and workbooks provided.
Leaders: Paul & Hope Hopkins
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: Fridays @ 7 pm
Phone: (321) 863-7547
This study from Andrew Wommack is about discovering the difference between our Spirit, our Soul, and our Body and how each relates to our Christian walk.
Leaders: Marge Crawford
Location: Rockledge
Date/Time: Wednesdays @ 7 pm
Phone: (321) 626-9239
This small group will focus on helping senior citizens find success in dealing with issues such as retirement, finances, technology, security, and spiritual growth.
Leaders: Tiffany Harrell & Naomi Mitchell
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: 3rd Tuesdays or Wednesdays @ 7 pm
Phone: (321) 455-6449 or (321) 403-4945
This group is for homeschool moms for fellowship and encouragement in home life and homeschooling.
Leaders: Mark Morgan
Location: TBD
Date/Time: 1st & 3rd Mondays @ 6:30 pm
Phone: (321) 458-2269
This group will dig deeper into the weekly message and focus on having a passion for the Kingdom of God.
Leaders: Juliet Qureshi
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: Thursdays @ 5 pm
Phone: (321) 258-1113
This group will offer Biblical truths to those facing divorce or who have gone through divorce to allow God’s Word to heal their hurts.
Leaders: Patti Marks & Julie Martinez
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: Last Thursday of the month @ 1 pm

Phone:  (321) 313-3268

This group is for women of a certain age – the season between empty-nesters and Red Hat – to connect for lunch, fellowship, friendship, and discussion.

Age Specific Groups
Leaders: Anthony Hickman
Location: Rockledge
Date/Time: Every Other Friday at 6:30 pm
Phone: (321) 636-1566
This is an exciting and active Bible study for middle school students. It will encourage and teach students how to walk by faith in a fun way. The heartbeat of this group is raising up youth for Christ!
Leaders: Allyson Goolsby
Location: Cocoa
Date/Time: Every other Tuesday @ 6 pm
Phone: (321) 305-2767
This is a college and career ladies Bible study where we worship and dive into the Word.
Leaders: Christian & AnnMarie Hurston
Location: Rockledge
Date/Time: Sundays @ 6 pm
Phone: (321) 307-4140
This is a small group where 7th-12th grade students can have fun, be real, and hear /discuss relevant teaching about God’s word. Once a month, we hold a “Big Night” at places like Skyzone and Iceplex, to invite friends to know Jesus too!
Leaders: Paige Klink
Location: Cocoa Beach
Date/Time: Every other Friday @ 6:30 pm
Phone: (321) 362-8544

This is a group for high school girls to worship, study the Word, and play games.

Leaders: Tabytha Pate
Location: Merritt Island
Date/Time: Every other Friday @ 9 pm
Phone: (321) 313-3268
This is a bowling small group for fun and friendship for 20-somethings.